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​Welcome to Tsubaki Ann Kyoto

A newly renovated 92-year-old building

full of Taisho romance

Traditional and cozy Kyomachiya

This is AKIRA, the owner of Tsubaki-an Kyoto.
I have lived in Kyoto for many years, and have often traveled to Kyoto, other parts of Japan, and the world with my camera in hand. If I have the opportunity, I would love to meet you and talk about our travels. Tsubaki-an Enjoy your stay in Kyoto!


Tsubakian is a newly renovated traditional Kyoto townhouse built over 90 years ago.
In the atmosphere of an old folk house, it is equipped with the latest facilities such as a Japanese cypress bath and a kitchen. There is also a small goldfish pond, which is a great place for children to enjoy, making it a comfortable place for families of all ages to stay for long periods of time. You can have it.
Would you like to experience the many cultures and sights in Tsubakian, an ancient house with over 90 years of history?


Availability and rates

1-4 people

Weekdays: 37,600 yen/night|​Weekends: 39,600/night

5 people

Weekdays: 46,400 yen/night|​Weekends: 48,400 yen/night

6 people

Weekdays: 55,200 yen/night​ | Weekends: 57,200 yen/night

7 people

Weekdays: 63,200 yen/night​ | Weekends: 65,200 yen/night

8 people

Weekdays: 71,200 yen/night​ | Weekends: 73,200 yen/night

9 people

Weekdays: 79,200 yen/night​ | Weekends: 81,200 yen/night

*Prices vary depending on the season and events. For more information, please select your desired date on the "Book" page.
​ *Reservations made between December 1st and December 27th, 2023 are eligible for the nationwide travel support discount. Click here for more details.




December 2022 from Japan

I was able to relax even though it was my first night here.
We were thrilled to have the three of us stay overnight for our 60th birthday celebration, and they even prepared a cake for us to celebrate!
♪ It was delicious. thank you!

I was very healed by the warm Kyoto hospitality, horigotatsu, cypress bath, and wonderful interior. All the essential items are available, and the owner is very attentive. Shampoo is also T S U B A K I (lol)
I would love to stay with you again. No matter how old you are, a first experience is always fun.
Thank you for all the help you have given me.
thank you very much.


June, 2018 from China

Tsubakian is especially wonderful! It's warm, comfortable, and more beautiful than home.

Everything is clean, tidy, and abundant.

All the facilities are particularly user-friendly and make it extremely comfortable to stay here. AKIRA is warm-hearted, enthusiastic, and understanding. He has been very considerate of me and I am truly grateful. Kyoto is a very beautiful city. Thanks to your special consideration, my feelings towards Kyoto have become more intimate. Thank you very much again!


K & S
April, 2019 from Indonesia

We all love and cherish our 3 nights we spent ni your lovely house. It really gives us the feeling of living through the old traditional
culture of Japanese family living. What You've provided is way beyond our expectations.
We really appreciate the English "manual" you prepared. It really helps us operate all appliances since use can't read Kanji.
We love your kind personal attention you've given to us. You are 
really friendly and attentive to us.
We would definitely spread the words, help promoting
your lovely house, oops.....
It's not a house, "it's a HOME"
Our apologies if we did not tidy up your home as expected. We've tried our best.


Full of Taisho romance
In a traditional, homely Kyomachiya
​Would you like to live there?


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