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・チェックインの際に 「ふるなびトラベルを利用希望」 」の旨をスタッフにお伝えください。

Whole house rental fee
(If you increase the number of people, number of days, weekly discount, etc., the price will be cheaper than the displayed price. Please contact us for the specific amount.)
​ ・Discount campaign prices, repeat customer discounts, etc. are available


・Tsubakian Kyoto has taken measures to prevent coronavirus infection.The entire building would be rented to one family/group.

All rooms on the 2nd floor are equipped with ventilation and large air purifiers and humidifiers.

・Prices listed are standard charges (Multi-stay stays, child discounts, etc. are available).

Prices vary depending on seasons and holidays. Please check your desired date.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Kyoto Licensed Accomodation


Kyoto City Accomodation Tax

Limited to Kyoto residents, special discount on accommodation fees + coupons⇨


From Oct.  1st 2018, Kyoto City imposes an accommodation tax.

When checking in at Tsubaki Ann, a fee of 200 yen/person/night will be charged.

For more information about the Accommodation Tax, please visit:

Special offers & Events


Tsubaki Ann can make special offers and preparations for your special events: birthday, bachelorette party, graduation party, etc.

The Machiya is also preparing some cultural activities such as kimono wearing, calligraphy, etc. 

Please contact us for more details.

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