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Recommended special features for the upcoming season!

                                                                           [Nationwide Travel Support] Now accepting reservations!

                                        bsp;                          Kyomachiya Tsubaki-an, Kyoto is also approved!



  • Traveler procedures

National travel support

・Kyoto charm rediscovery trip project


  • Target users

People residing in Japan


  • Accommodation period 

October 11, 2020 (Tuesday) ~ December 20, 2020 (Tuesday)


  • Subsidy and maximum amount (per night) 

One trip per person (including transportation): 8,000 yen

Not including transportation: 5,000 yen 


  • Kyoto support coupon

Weekdays: 3,000 yen (1,000 yen x 3 pieces)

Holidays: 1,000 yen (1,000 yen x 1 ticket)

Usage period: October 11th (Tuesday) ~ December 21st (Wednesday), 2020 


  • Usage requirements

Proof of 3 vaccinations or negative test 

Basically not required for preschoolers and elementary school students (under 12 years old)





・From Go To Travel Office October 2021 ~ Infection Prevention

countermeasureI received a completed sticker

 (Example of payment after discount for Kyomachiya Tsubakian/Kyoto)

An example of a weekday in November where one building is reserved for 4 people:

1 night @ 35200 (@ 8800) → Discount amount @ 14080

+Weekday coupon @12000=@9,120

Actual burden for 4 people @ 9,120 yen (1 person burden @ 2280)

~Tsubakian Special Feature~

●Kyoto specialties for families with children under junior high school age

"Manga Museum"

Children are invited to the ``Aquarium'' and ``Railway Museum.''

●Birthday plan (cake present)

●Girls' party plan (wine gift)

            Please contact us for more information          
We also have great discount plans such as 2 night discount and 7 night discount.
Accommodation rates vary depending on the season etc..

~​A popular Kyoto Kaiseki restaurant just 2 minutes walk away~


Seasonal cuisine

Kaiseki course

Enjoy seasonal Kyoto cuisine while you spend your holiday at Tsubaki Ann.


〈tax and drink fee excluded〉


〈tax and drink fee excluded〉

Booking necessary at least 7 days in advance

Enjoy an evening special Kaiseki course, available from 2 to 10 people. Prices, content and quantity vary depending on the season.

​A special Kyoto cuisine kaiseki course for 2 to 10 people starting in the evening. Prices, foods, and number of items vary depending on the seasons. You can make a choice according to your budget plan


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