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In the upcoming season: Recommended special events!

​Now is the autumn season for fun vacations!

“Kamigamo Shrine/Kasagata Shinto Ritual” archery from horseback during October

October 22nd: “Jidai Festival”!

October 22nd: “Kurama Fire Festival”!

November 13th to November 18th: “Kamishichiken Kabukai/Kotototokai”

Kyoto's oldest red light district!

During November: "Yugiri Festival - Shimabara Tayu's dance and journey" Seiryoji Temple!



Autumn leaves season is almost here!

The best time to see them is from mid-November to early December.

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Historic Site Odoi Illumination! : November 11th - December 3rd

(From sunset to 8:00 pm, @1200 yen with sweets)

Arashiyama/Togetsukyo Bridge: Late November to early December.

Tenryu temple:Late November to early December.

Daikakuji Temple:Late November to early December.

Kiyomizu Temple: Late November to early December.

Nanzenji: Mid-November to late November.

Eikando: Mid-November to late November.

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